If you like catchy, hook-filled songs with punchy guitars (or just want something other than the average boring indie rock band) then you are definately in the right place!

Matthew is a lover of all things 60’s – a time when rock musicians knew more than four chords. After the release of his debut EP “Reach the Stars” in November 2014 to critical acclaim internationally, resulting in a record distro deal in Japan through Powerpop label “This Time Records”, as well as extensive radio play in Europe and America on shows like “Ice Cream Man Powerpop” (Sweden) and “Pat’s Powerpop and Punk” (Missouri), Matthew aims to release his first full length album in 2015, and put Powerpop back on the map in Australia. His music is a feel-good blend of Beatlesque melodies and harmonies with the jangly guitars of the Byrds, with a bit of garage-rock in the vein of the Kinks thrown in for good measure.

“Reach the Stars” recently came in at #2 on the Absolute Powerpop website’s top EPs of 2014 – here’s what they had to say –

“Aussie power popper Matthew Shacallis has crafted an impressive debut EP, recalling another power popper with the name Matthew S – Mr Sweet. “Summer Sun” is melodic bliss, buoyed by Shacallis’ Brendan Benson-esque vocals, “Tell Me Girl” recalls his “Sweet” namesake as it wouldn’t have sounded out of place on “Girlfriend” [Sweet’s highest selling album] and “Do You Love Me” has a Zombies vibe. Easily one of the top EPs of 2014.”


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