FB Page+Looking for band members

Hi all, as I do not post to this page very often, please visit+like my Facebook Band page to keep up with all the latest gigs and news.

You can reach my page here: https://www.facebook.com/matthewshacallismusic

Also, I’d like to thank everyone that has bought a copy of Reach the Stars, played it on the radio, shared it with a friend. When I started this CD as a recording project for university, I never thought it would appeal to such a large audience around the world! I can’t wait to bring you guys my debut album this year, which hopefully will be recorded much better than Reach the Stars was.

At this time I am also looking for musicians in the 18-30 sort of age group who would be interested in gigging + touring around Australia and potentially internationally. Acoustic solo shows just aren’t my thing. So, if you live in Sydney and want to play some rock n roll,drink some beer, etc. feel free to contact me at matt.shacallis@gmail.com

All the best



Big News Everyone! (Distribution in Japan)

Soon Reach The Stars will be available in Japan through “This Time” records!
I am very honoured to share the same label as many other great powerpop bands!

Big thanks to all that supported the making of this EP, this has been unexpected but very welcome news!


EP Launch at the Roxbury

Hi all! The band and I will be playing down at the Roxbury Hotel in Glebe on the 5th of december, with some fantastic bands from uni – Johnny, Reign on Mars and Sarah+Chloe!

Come on down and enjoy the night! $12 at the door, don’t forget to tell the door guy/chick what band you are there for!

We will have copies of the CD available on the night for $10.

Here is the write up:

MATT SHACALLIS: Matthew brings to the table his own blend of indie powerpop music, with hook-laden choruses, unforgettable melodies, and chords you never knew existed. Backed up by a band of Sydney’s finest pop musos, this is one act you don’t want to miss! If you like the Beatles, Sunnyboys, or Teenage Fanclub, you will certainly dig this artist!


REIGN ON MARS: Having recently released their debut EP, Reign on Mars are now gigging over the summer. Promoting and playing their new record which has received a lot of praise, you will hear these songs plus some new ones in a night of magic at the Roxbury.


JOHNNY: Playing a style thats been collectively described as hard-alternative-stoner-pop-garage-punk-rock, JOHNNY are an energising and captivating live act.


SARA + CHLOE: This melodic and harmonic groove gauntlet brings an array of emotions when they hit the stage. They will steal your hearts with their enticing melodies and sooth your soul with their harmonies, accompanied by their deeply emotive performance.